2806, 2016

Ajilon sign the Armed Forces Covenant

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We are pleased to announce that Ajilon have signed the Armed Forces Covenant which outlines how the organisation has a commitment to support the Armed Forces Community.

The first duty of the UK Government is the defence of the Country. Our Armed Forces fulfil that responsibility on behalf of the Government, sacrificing some civilian freedoms, facing […]

1507, 2015

The future is here and we’ve evolved. What are you doing to continue your growth?

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A change has finally come: we’re picking up the papers, logging in to LinkedIn, and checking our news apps, and we’re no longer being suffocated under the weight of doom and gloom headlines — like “Financial Crisis” or “Recession Hits”. And for those of us in the staffing industry, the news keeps on getting better: according […]

1106, 2015

Unified communication: Microsoft Skype for business

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Proficient workers are the backbone of any organisation; their ambition is your driving force, their skills are your progress, and their tenacity your resilience. But how do you make the most of their talent and drive?

You get them working collaboratively.

 A workforce on the move

Today’s workforce is more mobile and dynamic than ever before — adapting […]

2005, 2015

Ajilon Annual Awards

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Every year the Adecco management team pull together an event to celebrate and recognise the high achieving members of the Ajilon Consultant and teams.  This year the event was held in the stunning Royal Exchange outside Bank Station, hosted by the Adecco senior management team.

The evening began with bubbles and canapé’s, followed up with fine […]

1805, 2015

Ajilon offered an acquaint day at RAF Coningsby

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Ajilon offered an acquaint day at RAF Coningsby for a number of their Ajilon Consultants that had responded with business development leads and suggestions. Ajilon provides SCIDA services for all UK RAF bases and maintains personnel presence on site at Coningsby. Not only is RAF Coningsby home base for a number of Typhoon Squadrons – […]

3103, 2015

Why are girls stepping out of STEM?

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It’s time to break the mould and bridge the skills gap. Read the Adecco Group’s new report to find out how

3103, 2015

Collaboration whitepaper from Steljes

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Learn about the principles of Collaboration from our partner Steljes. See how the workplace is transforming.
Download the pdf here

3103, 2015

Adecco’s Global Innovation Team

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Learn how Adecco’s dedicated innovation team in Jacksonville, Florida turn inventive ideas into inspiring solutions using their experience in design, engineering, marketing, sales and support.
Find out more