A change has finally come: we’re picking up the papers, logging in to LinkedIn, and checking our news apps, and we’re no longer being suffocated under the weight of doom and gloom headlines — like “Financial Crisis” or “Recession Hits”. And for those of us in the staffing industry, the news keeps on getting better: according to ASPCo and SIA, vacancies are up 13% compared to this time last year, driven by recovery across most sectors.

This increase is reportedly in line with statistics from the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) and the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which show that UK economic growth picked up in the three months to May this year. What’s more, it shows that the number of people in work has increased by 114,000 in the three months to April, driving UK employment to an all time high of 31.5 million.

Furthermore, figures from APSCo revealed that year-on-year growth for permanent recruitment in the professional staffing market continues to climb across finance and accounting, IT and engineering — up 10%, 14%, and 12% respectively.

APSCo also found median salaries across all professional sectors to have risen by 5.7% year-on-year, but with notable fluctuations in terms of sectors; engineering and finance, for example, recorded rises of 7% and 4.6% respectively.

In summary, the economy is healthy again: there are more jobs, less unemployment, and people are earning more. But with great disaster recovery comes great transformational evolutions.

We’re familiar with recruitment agencies offering permanent, temporary or contract solutions to deliver the people you need, when you need them. We’re also familiar with management consulting giants offering outsourcing, offshoring, technology innovation, and so on — with a very respectable capability to deliver. But there are gaps. Management consultancies typically give provision on technology and BPO, while recruitment agencies provide resources as and when you need them. But what about the middle ground?

Born of sister brand and RPO expert hyphen, and working as part of the Adecco managed services division, Ajilon has established itself as a specialist people and technology solutions provider

A resource management consultancy can help to build a strong and reliable talent pipeline, whilst providing partnered expertise in the market — allowing you to choose your own outsourced onshore team, or giving you the tools to consolidate big data from your management consultancy into a singular dashboard.

Our people solutions and work package services focus on delivering:

• Consultants who are employed, payrolled and performance managed by us — mitigating co-employment risks and excessive resource expenditure
• Transition and replacement programmes, designed to mange the replacement of expensive contingent resource
• Talent pipelining to compliment your permanent resourcing strategy
• Managed teams at your disposal when you want to outsource a specific team or function — with Ajilon assuming responsibility for delivery outcomes
• Statement of work contracts: Ajilon is responsible for team behaviour and performance
• Headcount outsourcing to reduce overheads and drive efficiency by separating functions or role types
• Strategic workforce planning, utilising our unique market tool

Our technology solutions include:

• Microsoft Cloud: these services drive cost effectiveness, and ensure a secure and reliable infrastructure; for times when this isn’t suitable, we’ll adopt more traditional methods to improve your IT estate
• SMART room systems: under this Steljis partnered product, we design, deploy and manage the latest room technology on the market
• Flexible working solutions: following new employment legislation, flexible working is more popular than ever; we can enhance your collaborative capabilities to accommodate this
• Fast Data services: we’ve all heard of Big Data, but this is the next step; think deep and narrow data. Few people in the market are capitalising on fast data; we can help you to stay ahead of the competition
• Labs: KnolwedgeLabs for knowledge transferring and risk mitigation, ProjectLabs for centralising multiple project management into a simple management tool, ResourceLabs for simplifying multiple resource pools into one singular touch point, and AssetLabs for all your legacy asset management systems needing a serious technical make over
• Technical Managed Service offerings: from service desks and technical support, to secure government services and technical development

Our solutions can be tailored to your exact requirements, giving you the flexibility you need to gain competitive advantage in an increasingly saturated market.

To speak to one of our resource specialists about your own unique staffing and workforce needs, contact Ajilon today.