• Building the foundation for your IT backbone

Infrastructure Solutions

We excel in the design, development and support of highly available, secure infrastructure. We will take you through each step of your infrastructure roadmap to ensure your systems exceed the expectations of your staff and clients, whether on premise or in the cloud.
How we can help:

  • Perform in depth analysis of your current infrastructure solution.
  • Build a business case for virtualisation and cloud technologies where necessary.
  • Align solutions with best practices principles to improve security and governance.
  • Adapt disaster recovery and backup solutions to safeguard your business data.
  • Manage user acceptance and adoption throughout the life-cycle of the project.
  • Continuously monitor, review and improve your IT solution as your business evolves.

The Benefits

  • Simplified Server Environment

Most servers operate at less than 15 percent of capacity. Not only is this highly inefficient, it also introduces server sprawl and complexity. Virtualisation resolves this issue by providing simplified server environments without the cost of the hardware.

  • Easily Available Disaster Recovery

Virtualised infrastructure provides quick and reliable data recovery without the need for additional hardware. In turn it also enables server consolidation so that you can cut costs of both production and disaster recovery.

  • Reduction In Downtime

Virtualisation can provide business continuity preparedness due to improved application availability and data protection, therefore dramatically shortening any possible downtime.

  • Energy Reduction & Green IT Policies

Migrating physical servers over to virtual machines reduce the amount of power, space and cooling. The reduction in hardware also means that there will be less to dispose of in the future, which helps contribute to creating an environmentally friendly business.

  • Simplified IT Management & Administration

Virtualising infrastructure mean IT managers spend less time on routine admin tasks, adding new server workloads, new employees or developing new applications. This enables businesses to be more responsive to business needs.

“SMBs who have implemented virtualization reported productivity gains with 73% seeing significant improvements in time spent on routine administrative tasks.”
The Benefits of Virtualization for Small and Medium Businesses, VMWare



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Health Check Services

Do you know if your infrastructure is performing to the best of its ability? Get the information you need to make informed decisions on your infrastructure.READ MORE >

Disaster Recovery & Availability Services

How quickly can you recover from infrastructure failure? What happens if you are denied access to your office space? We will build a DR plan to keep you covered.READ MORE >


Is managing your on-site systems a challenge? We will take that challenge and turn it into an easily managed service in the cloud, safe and highly available.READ MORE >


Ajilon provide design, upgrade and consultation services for virtualised architecture following industry best practice. We will provide a detailed analysis of your infrastructure and suggest possible solutions to consolidate and future proof your IT solution.

High availability built into virtualisation technologies can help you achieve this target and reduce the risk associated with single points of failure.

Do you need to upgrade Hardware running legacy systems?
Virtualisation allows you to run older operating systems on newer hardware which otherwise will not be possible.

Wasting valuable time building servers for development and testing?
Transform the way you test and provision servers faster with the use of snapshot technology and templates.

Flexibility is key in today’s working environments, and application virtualisation centralises the installation of user applications, so that they can be more easily deployed and maintained to large groups of users spread across many locations. Workforce mobility allows information workers to access desktops and applications from any location, on any device and over any connection. This maximises both productivity and return on IT investment.

Benefits of virtualisation:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Higher Availability
  • Greater Utilisation
  • Improved Security
  • Easier to Manage
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Reduced Failure Impact
  • Highly Scalable
“82% of CIOs admit to not being able to meet the demand for Always-On IT.”
2014 Veeam Data Centre Availability Survey

Health Check Services

From the underlying networking through to your virtualisation or cloud service, Ajilon will empower you with the information you need to best manage your infrastructure estate. We will evaluate your production environment against industry best standard and produce a report on the performance, monitoring, and the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.

We will provide you with a detailed analysis outlining whether or not your technology stack is best fit for your organisational needs. Our report will not only outline whether you have sufficient resources to support your overall infrastructure, but will also look into the performance and health. Using this information we will make recommendations to improve resilience, performance, and stability where necessary. This service will help improve the efficiency of your business through effective infrastructure management, with a proactive approach to your technology.

We will perform an in-depth analysis of your systems and can offer a range of checks:

Disaster Recovery & Availability Services

Ajilon will work with you to develop a disaster recovery solution which best fits your business needs. We partner with a number of industry leading companies to maximise uptime and ensure your data is readily available in the event of a disaster, moving away from traditional backup solutions. Our experts have over 10 years’ experience designing on-site, cloud, and hybrid backup solutions to meet your availability needs.
What our health checks can do for you:

  • Perform an in-depth analysis of your availability and disaster recovery processes and needs.
  • Optimise on-site and cloud availability systems and for physical and virtual environment, including VMware and Hyper-V virtual systems.
  • Develop an availability plan utilising best in class software, to back up critical applications and operating systems and reduce storage requirements and recovery time.
  • Leverage cloud technology to reduce cost of storage for backup and archive purposes.
  • Replicate critical data and system to different sites.
  • Meet or exceed business recovery point objectives with continuous data protection.
  • Utilise virtualisation technology to allow instant recovery of servers in the event of hardware failure.
  • Mirror entire systems offsite for instant switch over in case of server failure.


Our highly-trained technical consultants can assist you through your journey moving your infrastructure to the cloud. We have vast experience with both cloud and on premise infrastructure and understand that not everything can be moved to the cloud easily. We can help you identify the services which are best to be transferred and design a road map to gradually move these services to an IaaS platform which best fits your needs.

Ajilon partner with public and private cloud vendors and we will you help you plan, design and upgrade/migrate to your new infrastructure environments.

The benefits of moving to an IaaS structure:

  • No Maintenance
  • Managed Service
  • Lower IT Overhead Costs
  • Scalable and Flexible
  • Support for Disaster Recovery Options
  • High Availability
  • Pay As You Go Cost Models

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Why choose Ajilon?

Established in 1980 we have a wealth of experience delivering solutions to Enterprise and SMB markets through our teams of highly skilled and accredited technical experts. Now part of the world’s largest recruitment organisation we can leverage the unique capabilities and robust infrastructure of the Adecco Group.

  • Strong partnerships with industry recognised providers such as Microsoft, Veeam and Dell.
  • Aligned with best practice frameworks such as Agile, PRINCE 2 and ITIL to deliver quality end to end solutions and services.
  • A proven track record within the public and private sector for providing security assurance services.

How can we help?

Do you need help with finding the right people or need to transform your IT to compete in the digital world then get in touch.


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