Proficient workers are the backbone of any organisation; their ambition is your driving force, their skills are your progress, and their tenacity your resilience. But how do you make the most of their talent and drive?

You get them working collaboratively.

 A workforce on the move

Today’s workforce is more mobile and dynamic than ever before — adapting to meet the evolving demands of an increasingly competitive business environment. But this change brings with it new challenges: employees need to be enabled, with instant access to relevant data (data that’s accessible on different platforms), on the move.

And today’s workplace is following suit.

Trends show that the sale of legacy phone systems are falling as organisations adopt more flexible, unified communications solutions — often in the cloud. But how does this unified approach to communications increase the productivity of your staff, and why is it becoming so popular?

 The future of communication

Skype for business (the new name for Microsoft Lync) integrates a rich voice, video and data experience that allows your people to collaborate from multiple devices, on the move.

Your employees will be connected to their peers, corporate network and customers no matter where they are; furthermore, users can join meetings from multiple locations at the touch of a button, without having to travel — saving both time and money, and allowing your employees to get more done in the working day, while still achieving a good work-life balance.

The beauty behind the technology is that everything is presented in real time — encouraging participation, allowing users to interact visually, and enabling contribution by means of remote access technologies. Colleagues and clients can share word documents and slides, crunch data, participate in meetings, and make amendments to documents, designs and images in real time (in a secure environment), from anywhere in the world.

This opens up a huge market for expanding your customer base, but it also presents an opportunity to approach new talent: with modern recruitment utilising rich video and collaborative technology, you’ll have the perfect platform from which to capture the market’s most in-demand job seekers.

 Business benefits of collaborative software

  • Your clients have a single contact point via a single number or unified mailbox
  • You can forward calls to your employees on any device they’re logged in to
  • Your clients can access presence information — allowing them to see when your employees are free for a call or video meeting, which they can initiate at the touch of a button

Skype for business is a very powerful tool, but let’s take it one step further: when combined with Ajilon’s Fast Data solutions, your employees will have a graphical breakdown of the information they need, on the move.

Fast Data services tap directly into the effectiveness and compliance of core business processes across your organisation — rendering costly manual spreadsheets obsolete, and automating powerful management information processes that can be rapidly deployed.

 Skype for your business

A vast majority of business meetings are unproductive and fail to provide clear ‘next steps’ — often because attendees are not fully focused due to fatigue, poor data, or a lack of technology.

Using the tools built into Skype for business, our solutions present dynamic digital management information that allows your people to make faster, smarter decisions, whilst negating the need to travel to (and take time out for) unproductive meetings. And because our solutions are ‘smart’, we tailor them to meet the unique requirements of every organisation we work with.

To find out more about the technology around Skype for business, or to discuss how our specialist consultants can work with you to create your own personal adoption plan, contact us today.